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Have you ever thought about earning a living from home?

You know, doing something that you enjoy without the long commute to work and dealing with the usual crap that we all are expected to put up with when working for boss.

Well my name is John, and a few years ago I was in a similar boat to you. Retrenched from my job, a slowing economy and with mounting bills to pay, I needed to bring money in fast.

I turned to the internet, looking for a way to earn extra money online whilst job-hunting. But everywhere I looked there seemed to be scams and pyramid schemes. It seemed that there were more crooks and shady characters around than you shake a stick at. I also tried fiverr money websites with great success.

I was looking for someone to show me what worked and provide a sorta roadmap to making money online. No one seemed ready to help, it was just “gimme your money”!

Back then, there weren’t many resources available to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing and it was like the Wild West. The honest folks kept to themselves and the outlaws ruled the day.

I didn’t have thousands of dollars to buy CD’s and ebooks and courses that offered the moon and stars. Money was tight and I couldn’t afford to throw away tons of cash learning what did and didn’t work… I was feeling stuck and not making a dime!

Anyway, I kept at it and slowly started to learn the skills I needed to start building my own websites. We were coding our pages using html back then because there wasn’t any other way to do it.

I’d heard about selling advertising online and how people were making a ton of money promoting websites with thousands of pages, each one targeting a keyword and serving adverts. I gave it a try and slowly started to get some success. 

As the months went by, I started to bank larger and larger checks from Google and a few other companies. The tellers at my bank started to ask questions about where all these checks were coming from.

Before long, I started getting requests from friends and former colleagues to help them set up websites.

Within a few months, I had picked up clients who needed websites for their businesses and 1 client who needed reviews written for his affiliate websites.

It all slowly started to snowball and I realised that I could actually make a long-term income out of working from home.

At the same time that I was working a fulltime job, I was earning enough money to put food on the table and cover my monthly bills from my online business without touching my regular income.

And in the end I stopped looking for a better job and just concentrated on building my online ventures.

Now, I’d like to show you how you can earn a full-time income online from the comfort of your home or in fact anywhere in the world.

But first, let me be very clear…



Regular Price: $39.00

Today Only: $19.99!

If you are the type of person who likes to dream about making money but wants someone else to do all the work, then this is not for you.

If you’re still reading, then back to the story…

Within a few months of promoting my website and services online, I was earning money from Adsense, CPA offers, Affiliate commissions, and freelance article writing in my spare time while holding down a full-time job.

Now times have changed, but the basic strategy to earn money online remains the same.

Any type of business takes time and consistent effort. You can spend money to learn how to do something or you can spend time trying to find the information for free.

But thousands of people just like you are earning good money online either promoting their own products or services or other people’s products and services right now.

From dog trainers to plumbers, engineers to lawyers, millions of dollars change hands every day via online marketing. There is no shortage of clients or customers for what you have to offer.

However, there are also countless thousands who spend their time jumping from one thing to the next hoping to make it rich. Many just keep purchasing courses or ebooks without actually applying what they are learning.

If you’ve got this far then I hope that you are someone who takes action. Someone who wants to know how to start an online business, what steps to take, what pitfalls to avoid, and who to turn to when you’re stuck?

Well, that’s where the Easy Affiliate Commissions Video Course comes in.

Regular Price: $39.00

Today Only: $19.99!


The 16 Videos in the course take you through the process step-by-step.

From setting up your website to selecting products to promote and then most importantly, generating traffic to your website, is covered in detail.

You’ll get an over-the-shoulder look at what it takes to create a real business online, where to find customers or clients and how to automate parts of the process to free up your time.

A handy Action Checklist helps you to keep track of where you are and in just a few days you will have the basic structures in place to start earning an income online.

So who am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say?

Since 1999, I’ve helped more than 150 companies and individuals create websites and market themselves online.

I have personally run successful affiliate, product, and service businesses and currently provide content strategy consultations as well as managing an agency creating website solutions for multi-million dollar businesses.

So you must be asking; what all is included in this Video Course?

Video 1 Course Overview

You will discover the basic structure of doing business online and how to set everything up to take advantage of the information presented in the rest of the videos.

Video 2 Picking a Profitable Niche

You may have an idea of what you wish to sell or promote already. This video covers the process of selecting a niche and checking whether it has the potential for making money.

Video 3 Join a Related Affiliate Network

You will learn about different affiliate networks and how to apply for membership. The lessons learned in this video can be used for your own products or services as well.

Video 4 Finding Problems in Your Niche

Find out what problems people experience in your niche and you have the key to providing the solutions people are looking for. This is especially useful for freelance content creators and copywriters.

Video 5 Products

Picking the correct product to promote or creating one yourself is covered in-depth.

Video 6 Affiliate Links

Getting your affiliate link and cloaking it, is clearly explained.

Video 7 Pre-Selling

Effective link promotion = Pre-selling. You will learn about effective ways to market your product or service to potential clients.

Video 8 FaceBook Marketing

You will learn to promote your link on Facebook by starting a Business Page the right way.

Video 9 Facebook Groups

Promoting your link on FaceBook by joining Groups can be tricky if you don’t want to be thrown off the group. We get into the nuts-and-bolts of group promotions and the best part…? It’s free!

Video 10 Twitter

Learn to promote your link on Twitter. Here we cover the basics and some more advanced techniques.

Video 11 YouTube

Promoting your links on YouTube can be very profitable. Learning the ins-and-outs will set you up for a successful promotion without being spammy.

Video 12 Screen Recording

You don’t have to show your face on YouTube if you don’t want to. Promoting your links on YouTube by creating a screen recording is the answer. It’s actually pretty fun to do and doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

Video 13 LinkedIn

How to promote your link on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not just for professionals, anyone can create a profile and as the platform focuses on professional business networking, you will learn how to take maximum advantage of the tools available.

Video 14 Forums

Niche-based forums will provide you with information, questions, customers and much-needed intelligence on what your target market is looking for. This video gives you the low-down on what to do to get the most from the many forums available.

Video 15 Fiverr

Getting tasks done on Fiverr will free you up to focus on your business. Follow the advice in this video to ensure you get the best from this great resource.

Video 16 Summary & Conclusion

Bringing the whole project together ensures that you get maximum value from the previous videos…

BONUS: The Content Creation Handbook

Without quality content, your website cannot survive.

It is important to remember… Content is everything!

So I’ve included this special bonus for the next 20 customers that sign up today.

  1. How to write and come up with articles that captivate and engage readers.
  2. 31 blog post creation tips so you never have to stare at a blank page again.
  3. Valuable tips for writing a winning ebook. Information products, and more specifically eBooks, sell like hotcakes, only if you know how to write one that’s relevant and informative.
  4. Tips on creating videos that are professional and grab attention. Videos are the thing in today’s webspace. Don’t settle for “just good enough” when it comes to videos.
  5. How to optimize your blog posts for search engines so that you can generate free traffic from search engines like Google & Bing.
  6. How to structure your eBook so that it’s more readable and actionable.

…and much, much more!

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Your purchase is absolutely risk-free. Try the product for 90 days, and if you’re not satisfied with your results just send me an email with your website and an overview of what you have done and I’ll send you a refund right away if you have followed the course, applied what you have been taught and not seen a result. So there’s absolutely no risk on your part. I’m so confident that you’ll see results by following the process outlined in the Course that I’ll take all the risk on me.

I’m delighted to have the chance to share this powerful course with you, and I know you’ll be very happy with the results.

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